We often asked for help to:

  • Optimize/archive databases.
  • Build data pipelines.
  • Design data warehouses.
  • help in data lake architecture.
  • Perform database migrations (On-premises/Cloud).
  • Complete database transformations ETL/ELT.
  • Help in data visualization/analytics/statistics.
  • Manage/develop existing databases.
  • Build new applications/add new features.
  • Migrate monolithic applications in the cloud.
  • Build and monitor scalable infrastructure.
  • Implement various powerful open source projects.
  • Take care and manage running projects.
  • Optimize cloud expenses.
  • Help the existing team to implement stuff.
  • Learn business for future stack recommendations.
  • Optimize IT processes.
  • Find solutions in various IT fields.
  • Build an IT team and implement work methodologies.
  • Analyze security risks.

Note: Stack does not matter as we can customize our team for you.